2013. Think fresh.

We like starting the New Year. It’s an opportunity to step back and re-calibrate. Despite the fact Jan 1st is an arbitrary and human creation, it can feel like a fresh start.

Last year we experimented with the Chris Brogan way – selecting three words to guide our year instead of making resolutions. Ours were: Rethink. Absorb. Act.

Rethink: We engaged the services of a consultant who could look at what we do with an independent, objective eye. It was a gift we gave ourselves.
Absorb: We listened more. We read more.
Act: We took action on what we thought about and listened to. The results benefitted our clients.

This year our three words are: Strategy. Creativity. Outreach. We shine in all three of these areas – they come from our core strengths. We’re challenging ourselves to further strengthen our assets.

Strategy: Strategic thinking is a muscle. We’ll be talking to other consultants this year about their strategies and identifying best practices.

Creativity: Our goal is to nurture this area for two reasons:
1) Images are a universal language.  A thoughtful essay by New Zealand travel photographer Trey Ratliff suggests we are using imagery in new ways. We will be exploring this further.
2) Creativity, a type of vast, non-linear intelligence, is essential to the process of solving communication challenges.

Outreach: If communications is to be a solution, outreach is the goal. How can we be better at this?

If you were to choose 3 words, which would you choose?


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